Burnhouse Engineering

Design &

Our consultancy and design services have been carefully developed to reflect global business trends and are built on our years of cumulative experience. Our consultant strategies will be aimed at driving business productivity and efficiency, while our structural engineers can supply you with fully specified drawings as required.


In the past, we have consulted with clients to design and create P&ID’s for process pipelines, typically consulting online to discuss requirements and understand your needs. Once we have done this, we can draft up plans, review them with you, and provide you with a final draft.

We have consulted for a range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to gin & whisky distilleries.Our consultancy can tackle any aspect of engineering you may need advice on - how can we help your business with its engineering challenges?

3D Surveys

3D surveys are a fast and effective way to digitally collect data on any surface with pinpoint accuracy in minutes. Our laser measurement solution controls and converts data from laser pinpoints on any surface using E Template Measure Manager software. This creates the 3D CAD Model, thereby removing surplus time and risk of human error when physically measuring spaces with conventional methods.

Existing Designs

Alternatively we can take your existing design and rework it to reduce material usage, manufacturing time and lead times. Burnhouse Engineering will talk to you to discuss your ideas and offer a complete solution.

Artistic Design

Working closely with architects and artists we can turn your structural steelwork into aesthetically pleasing features that complement the environment.

CAD Drafting

We use AutoCAD and Solidworks for our designs. Using these, we can design and create almost any product in-house with our team of engineering experts, including structural analysis on components.

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