One Of Designs

Here, at Burnhouse, no design is too technical or complicated. Our skilled modelling team can take your ideas and thoughts on a project solely in your head on or a piece of paper and help produce a finished fabricated steel product. 

Tin Man Suit Project

A Galvanised Steel Suit fully removeable suit know to Burnhouse as the Tin Man Project. 

The suit was made out of 0.8mm Steel to keep it light enough to wear comfortably, fully formed using steel rolls and some break press work to help get the curvature in the design to make it look the part. 

Tin Man
Garden Features

We turned 2D flat parts into 3D models by slotting them together to created 3D animals. We have created designs for Bee's, Wasp's, Dragonflies and Butterflies. The steel is designed to rust to make them look more antique and give it a bit of character.