Residential Division

Putting engineering fabrication solutions in to ‘one off’ iconic architecturally designed houses.

The residential market is different.  The end customer and the architect are looking not only for functionality but also aesthetic beauty, crating iconic showcase homes that definitely have individuality and the ‘WOW’ factor.
We interpret artistic designs and turn them into reality - glass staircases, stainless steel balustrade designs and balconies for residential properties.

Figures and shapes cut in stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium and coated with many varied finishes and with bright colours.  These can be free-standing or mounted on plinths or walls.??

Solutions include – (list of products & uses):   

  • Domestic balconies and customer built balustrades to create a real impression in the entrance hall of a fine house 
  • Stainless Steel Balustrades to give a clean functional and contemporary look and finish
  • Handrails and Stair Railings taking a functional element and adding embellishment and high quality finish – easy on the eye and pleasing to the touch 

Custom designed stainless steel and glass staircases, balconies and balustrades designed by us or to your specific requirements, using modern & traditional materials to create a unique finish to your project. At Burnhouse Engineering we also have an exclusive of garden and home artwork which features in a range of materials and sizes to complement your environment.

They include a range of figures cut in stainless steel for optimum effect, mild steel or aluminium, and coated with a variety of finishes, or even from brightly-coloured plastic. We will consider designing your own figures for a truly original and unique feature and can be free-standing or mounted on plinths or walls as you require.

We also design, manufacture and install features such as walls or railings in stainless steel and glass combinations, including wall features constructed of alternating steel, aluminium and glass blocks, incorporating lighting.

Example - Blast Architects

Burnhouse Engineering was approached by Blast architects, to assist in the design and manufacture of a unique staircase. The house was to be featured on the Channel 4's, Grand Designs TV Series.

We were faced with a difficult challenge to design and install a stair to a tight budget with a fast approaching deadline for the TV program. Our brief was complicated and costly; however we redesigned the stair, simplified the design, and were therefore able to use stainless steel to achieve a great finish.

Grand Designs