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Welcome to Burnhouse, where we proudly offer an extensive range of end-to-end solutions that encompass every stage of the engineering process, from innovative conceptualisation and meticulous design to flawless execution and seamless project management. Allowing our clients to embark on their ventures with confidence, knowing that we possess the expertise, experience, and commitment to provide them with comprehensive and customised engineering solutions that meet all of their specific needs and requirements.

If your company could take advantage of any of our comprehensive services, get in touch and let's work together.

End to End Solution

We take a comprehensive project management approach that encompasses every stage of the engineering process, ensuring that we are there to guide and assist our clients every step of the way, offering tailored and bespoke solutions that address their unique challenges and objectives, while leveraging our expertise, experience, and cutting-edge technologies to deliver exceptional results, foster collaboration, streamline processes, mitigate risks, optimise resources, and ultimately achieve project success and client satisfaction.

By working with us, your company will gain solutions that will provide value for its entire lifetime, so be sure to contact us and begin the process.

Sector Experience

Communicate. Collaborate. Create.

Your comprehensive provider of engineering solutions,
delivering end-to-end excellence.

Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Support

Manufacturing & Industrial

Manufacturing & Industrial

Food and drink

Food & Drink

There when you
need us most

As an engineering support team, we are dedicated to being your reliable ally when things go wrong. With a steadfast commitment to resolving any problem you encounter, we stand ready to provide swift and effective solutions. Our experienced team of experts is well-equipped to tackle even the most complex engineering challenges, armed with a wealth of technical knowledge and a passion for problem-solving. No matter the issue you face, we are here to lend a helping hand, guiding you through the troubleshooting process and working diligently to restore functionality and minimize downtime. Count on us to be your trusted partner in overcoming obstacles and ensuring smooth operations in the face of adversity.

Team of Industrial Engineers
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